All Orinda Reunion Twenty Twenty


Why an All Orinda Reunion???? - Because we all enjoy a good party
And we know how to make it happen!!!

We've been Covid-ed!  Orinda and the world are undergoing change at this time.  New times, New people, New standards.  But not for us!!  We still party the old way, the raucous way, with fast cars, beautiful gals, and handsome guys, A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop-bam-boom! Friendships don't get old, they get better and we will continue to enjoy our long term friendships/acquaintances/"Gee, who is that?" " Looks Familiar doesn't she?" "Didn't he used to have hair?".  So come and enjoy!

Here's what we will enjoy.......

Friday Night - All Around Town

  • Make a reservation to meet old friends/family at:
  • The Casa Orinda (925) 254-2181
  • The Fourth Bore Tap Room and Grill - (925) 254-1183  Maybe with music, still working on it.
  • Taverna Pelligrinis - (925) 258-4200
  • One of the other fine restraunts in town.  Sushi Island, Serika, Shelby's, La Piazza, Yu Bistro, Village Pizza, Sichuan Restraunt, Szechwan Restraunt, and more.
  • How about a picnic at the Orinda Community Park?



Saturday Night in front of the Orinda Library
Community Center/Plaza Thing
(Next to the Real Orinda School)

  • The People We Grew Up With
  • A Wonderful and Informal Atmosphere
  • Light Snacks
  • No Host Bar
  • Sock Hop 7:30 to 9:00 in the Orinda School Auditorium.
  • Featuring a band that plays songs you want to hear.
  • If your bunions hurt you can remove your shoes at the sock hop.
  • 6 to 10 pm on the Plaza (or until the police chase us out)
  • Additional Surprises
  • $50 gets you in with a name tag with your year book picture.
Our Wild Matadore

Donate to help with the mailing costs which are about $4000.  Be a participating old Orinda person and help fund this event through your generosity.

Donate using Pay Pal - Help defray the costs. Use your credit or Debit card here. (You'll have to find your own way back here)
Donate by using the Post Office Mail - Mail a check to:  All Orinda Reunion, P. O. Box 446, Orinda California 94563
Donate by Carrier Pigeon - Any way you want, but DONATE!
Campolindo people are as much Orinda people as Miramonte people except for those that lived in Lafayette when they went to Campolindo.  They remain Lafayette people.
If you think "Lamorinda" is an insult to Moraga and Orinda - Then you are an old Orinda person.

Select "The Marquee" from the menu to see who has Donated to the cause or Volunteered for the previous parties.  Didn't you always want to be on the Marquee at the show?  Join the group today.


  • In 1990 Jim Benney, class of 1967, had an idea.  Lets have a reunion and envite all the classes from 1959 to 1974!  Jim and his group of volunteers pulled off one of the best town specific parties ever.  This event has happened every 5 years or so, since.  1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2016 and now 2020.  This is not a profit making venture (you don't want to look at the books) this is an adventure, an adventure in keeping something special alive.

  • "The List" is available to facilitate the different classes with reunion activities and to help people locate friends.  Register your e-Mail address with the All Orinda Reunion database and help keep it current.

  • Adding your name to The List does not mean "volunteer" or "donate" although donating would be nice (this is an expensive thing to do)  it means give us your e-mail address and we will add it to the database so that you can receive e-mail updates and old friends can e-mail you.  So, Register, even if you didn't have any friends way back then, which means that you couldn't possibly have any old friends now.  You may be surprised.

  • If you don't want to add your name to the list but want to be kept informed of all the news regarding the "All Orinda Reunion" activities click here. We don't use "Classmates" or any other commercial venture so your data is safe with us.

  • Mr. Boyce passed away in January last year at age 96. We include this in his honor. Mr. Boyce at Pine Grove  


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