Now is the time and your opportunities are at hand!  Let Jim Benney know that you have some energy and want to HELP with the party for the ages.

Current Opportunities:


Saturday Night Party September 26th

  • Set-Up Specialists

  • Parking Facilitators

  • Front Gate Greeter

  • Clean-Up Specialists


That's a lot of opportunitie.  Volunteering doesn't mean the volunteers will miss the parties.  NO SIR   Each opportunity is short, so you can help-out and then join the fun or join the fun and then help out in a bumbling, inebriated sort of way.  People who volunteer to be party chiefs have personality disorders, so their opportunities will be a little longer, but they will feel good about their contributions.  So don't worry about micro-managing party chiefs, just join the fun!

Volunteer Now or Jim Benney will have to do all the jobs himself!

Jim  - I would like to volunteer to help with the All Orinda Reunion Under the Full Moon!

e-Mail: Address: 

Tell Jim which job you might enjoy doing and where you might enjoy doing it: