In an effort to make the All Orinda Reunion database an inclusive list of "Orinda People" and bring it into the 21st century we need to add information.  Dont be alarmed!  Jim Benney has no intention of selling your information to anyone.  Someday we may convert to e-Mail only but not for 2021, so we really, really need current addresses. Regular Post Office mailings are incredibly expensive and not mailing to bad addresses will allow a great deal more money to be spent on the actual All Orinda Reunion Party rather than administrative stuff.  We sincerely appreciate your co-operation (gush, gush).

Please complete all of the fields, cross referencing the previous List is a tedious process and the more discrete information we have the easier the process will be.  If memory serves, some of you may never had discrete information and may not have it now.  This is OK, just fill in each field and don't leave out any information.

Current Last Name:
Last Name at Time of Graduation: 
First Name at Time of Graduation: 
Year of Graduation of should have Graduated:  
School: Miramonte  Campolindo  Decline to State.  (If you are a pre-1959 graduate and were forced to attend Acalanes, but lived in Orinda/Moraga/Canyon/Rheem please enter the word "Acalanes" [or "Oakland Tech" if that's where you went] after the year of your graduation.  We encourage really, really older people to attend these reunions but please, be sure
the batterys in your pacemaker are fresh.

Enter Your Best e-Mail address, the one you regularly check for new e-Mail. Type really slowly so that it is accurate, then we will be less likely to screw it up when we transcribe it to the database. Please, only one e-Mail address per person: 

I am aware of the Privacy Policy of the All Orinda Reunion, have read it and think it's swell.