We are aware that the names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of the folks that attend or have attended any of the "All Orinda Reunions" are valuable to the sales community.  We have protected these assets in the past and will continue to protect them in the future.  You may expect that we will take all reasonable steps to keep your information private. 

  1. We pledge that we are gathering this information primarily to facilitate a damn good series of parties.

  2. Information is occasionally shared with specific class reunion committees.

  3. The database may be used to help individual Orinda people connect with other individual Orinda people. 

  4. Commercial use by local and national entrepreneurs and large nasty corporations is always shied away from.

However, we assume no legal liability for the confidentiality of the information, you just have to accept our best efforts and the fact that we hate being bothered at dinner like every one else.