Mr. Boyce There were a lot of good teachers out there  in the 50's, 60's and 70's. There were always, probably, a lot of good teachers, but good administrators? We believe Ted Boyce was instrumental in creating an environment where the teachers you so fondly remember had a chance to display their good-teacher-person-ship, and thereby affected your life. We believe that Ted Boyce maintained an environment where we, the students, were actually treated as people with dignity, rather than just students or charges or daily attendance numbers. If you breezed through Pine Grove Intermediate School and never had to go to the office, never served a detention, always got the best grades and spent your time practicing for the Country Cotillion, you probably didn't get the full impact of Mr. Boyce's wisdom. Others were deeply impacted.
So now he is 93 and still kicking. He attends the All Orinda Reunion and any class reunions he gets invited too. He knows your name and remembers the time you were in his office. He remembers your siblings and your friends; your foibles and your victories. At his 90th birthday party he had a request:  He asked that he be called Ted rather tan Mr. Boyce.  (Ya, sure I'm going to do that.  I've been on detention and would rather not repeat the experience).  He does not wear the shoes with the taps anymore, no more warning that he is comming down the hall.  And he still laughs. So, as we former students get older and more crochity it is good to have him around to keep us grounded and real. As you listen to the iPhone "Chicken Fat Song" commercial (appairently the song was used to excess by the school district) remember Ted Boyce, Frank Isola and the Orinda Field Day when you lost the long jump contest.

Here is the program from his 90th birthday party.
Ted Boyce

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