The 2015 Reunion over Labor Day had to be canceled. If it was easy we'd have a reunion every year.

So....Let's do this!!!!!

Two days of partying with those Old Orinda people worth partying with. 

Let's start Friday night at the Orinda Country Club Pool.  Everyone is invited.

A nice low-key atmosphere will prevail with, drinks, hors d'oeurves and time to get re-acquainted with old friends, enemies and mere associates.  We can all act like sophisticated adults now under the light of the almost full moon. You'll remember we learned how to be sophisticated from the Clifford's dance team at the Cotillion at the Club or Pine Grove.

Saturday night, with the full moon aglow, we'll take over the old Orinda School (now Community Center) and the new Library Plaza with a Sock Hop in the auditorium featuring the Rockaholics (class of 71) and light Jazz on the Plaza.  There will be refreshments and a nice beer and wine bar.

One of the School rooms will have momentoes of the time when Orinda was the best town ever to grow up in.

You will not be required to act like sophisticated adults at the Sock Hop.  Mr. Callen and Miss Giddings will probably not be in attendance, Mr. Boyce may.

Sounds like fun, huh?  It's a hell of a bargain for $50 per person in advance which whisks you right into both parties.  At the door it's $50 per. That's a 50% discount!!!  Buy now and save.  

It sounds like it's time for a party........

Our Wild Matadore

  • But...we need your help.  These events are not put on to make money (and they don't) but to celebrate what we had and who we are today.  If you can track down missing persons or do data entry or want to be on the committee that is crazy enough to devote time to these pursuits then please step forward.  There will be plenty of opportunities to do some task at or just before the parties but helping now is just as important.  The address is at the bottom of this page.  If you want to help financially by a donation or an early purchase of a weekend pass that is appreciated.  If you want to add your energy to this please do.    Buy Your Weekend Pass Today!  Consider a tax deductable donation to keep the  ball rolling in addition to purchasing your Pass.  - Thanks.

  • The Database is available to facilitate the different classes with reunion activities and to help people locate friends.  Register your e-Mail address with the All Orinda Reunion database and help keep it current.

  • Adding your name to The List does not mean "volunteer" or "donate" although donating would be nice (this is an expensive thing to do)  it means give us your e-mail address and we will add it to the database so that you can receive e-mail updates and old friends can e-mail you.  So, Register, even if you didn't have any friends way back then, which means that you couldn't possibly have any old friends now.  You may be surprised.

  • If you don't want to add your name to the list but want to be kept informed of all the news regarding the "All Orinda Reunion" activities click here. We don't use "ClassMates" or any other commercial venture so your data is safe with us.

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